Why would a person experiencing success in stock market investing want to share what they’ve learned?  What’s the catch?

Well, there is no catch.  No sales pitch.  Nothing.

My goal is to teach you about what the stock market actually is:  a vehicle to grow wealth slowly, not the false and unproven idea that it is a means to get rich quick.  As for why, it’s because I love to invest and I also love to share what I’ve learned that’s worked wonders for me and for others I know. If you’re the type who likes to tell everybody about a great deal you’ve found or a great new product that’s changed your world, then you’ll understand why I get excited to share what I’ve learned.

But my real heart is to give hope to those of you who feel like an investing failure, who also love to invest but want to invest better yet whose investing track record is dismal.  Again, why?  Because I was once such a failure myself, and I hope to bring other people out of the ashes along with me.