To My Kids

Hi guys, after looking one day in February 2019 at nearly four years of posts on this subject, I realized that this blog has developed into a gift and a legacy for you.  I want you to dig deep into the insights and wisdom that this blog contains as you consider financial options for your future during those very exciting yet uncertain years of your early twenties.  If I had learned and applied these things twenty years earlier, our family would be in a whole lot more affluent situation, but hopefully my past ignorance and mistakes and regrets will be to your benefit.

I have the utmost confidence that if you can grasp these ideas by the age of 30, you will have significant wealth by the time you’re in your mid-fifties.  So read as much of this (and other investing resources) as you can, ask me as much as you can (if I’m still around!), and please apply as much as you can as early as you can!  Let’s leave a financial legacy that will build upon what I’ve started and continue for many generations.

With love,

Your Dad