A Roller Coaster Only Hurts if You Jump Off

Being an investor in this day and age must be an awful lot harder than it was back in the days before you could simply buy or sell a stock with a few clicks or taps.  Now, I’m not talking about the speed and convenience of online trading – I wouldn’t give those up for anything!  Rather, I’m talking about the temptations that quick trading has introduced.

It’s all too easy for a person to get swept up into the temptation to buy a stock that is surging upwards to new heights.  But even easier is the temptation Continue reading “A Roller Coaster Only Hurts if You Jump Off”

An Invest-imony

I find it ironic that I’ve decided to start this blog on April 1st. It wasn’t intentional, and this first post won’t be trying to fool anybody. Yet it is ironic in the sense that it’s a tale of how I was an investing fool for many years, but how in the past couple of years things have really started to come around.  I hope that you can benefit from my mistakes and lessons.

I decided to start investing mostly in stocks back in Continue reading “An Invest-imony”