The (Not So) Funny Thing About Financial Advice Blogs

When I started writing this blog a few years back, I did so mainly with the hope of attracting the person interested in getting a start in this exciting world of investing, the sort of person who isn’t maybe very interested in or successful with financial matters in general and investing in particular.  But what I’ve learned since is how the words “exciting” and “investing” aren’t words that most people would consider putting in the same sentence.

If anything, investing or any other sort of financial matter isn’t just boring to most people, but I think that Continue reading “The (Not So) Funny Thing About Financial Advice Blogs”

Advice for the Young Investor

Don’t be fooled by the title of this post.  The advice I’m going to give will be of tremendous benefit to anybody of any age who’s just starting out on this great adventure of stock investing, or who’s still thinking about it but doesn’t know where to start.  (For you late-bloomers like me, perhaps another post I wrote will also be of benefit.) Continue reading “Advice for the Young Investor”