The Real Key to Investing Success

I’ve devoted two other posts in the past to the mindset needed to be a successful stock investor, this one and this one, but if you’re not into investing or specifically stock investing, those posts also apply to managing one’s money in general.  But since this is a stock investing blog, I want to focus specifically on the one key trait that one absolutely needs to have in order to become a successful stock investor. Continue reading “The Real Key to Investing Success”

A High Stock Price Doesn’t Matter

Recently, I decided to calculate the average buy-price of all the stocks that I currently own.  The average is $167.20 US.  The least I’ve ever paid for one share of stock (again, of my current holdings) is $25.85 and the most is $848.00.

I’ll be completely honest:  when I was a novice stock investor, if somebody had told me that they paid more than a few dollars for any one stock, I would have thought that they were absolutely stupid.  Why?  Because I assumed Continue reading “A High Stock Price Doesn’t Matter”

Coming Out of the Storm Bunker

Most of you reading this will know that the stock market underwent a rather significant correction for just over three months, from late September to the end of December 2018.  Why was it significant?  Since the late 2000’s, corrections of this magnitude have been few and far between when compared to the norm.  Here are some rather interesting facts about stock market corrections that I won’t elaborate upon, other than to state that Continue reading “Coming Out of the Storm Bunker”