Your Money Will Go Where Your Time Goes

There are a good number of people, in the Western world in particular, who have a good amount of spare time on their hands.  Some might argue with this statement, citing the growing number of people working more hours to pay for all the things they think they need (but actually don’t) that they’re getting in more debt to acquire.

I’m not talking about the work-a-holic, where too much is never enough and who is living on the knife-edge of burnout, working well over the traditional 40-hour work week.  Instead, I’m referring to Continue reading “Your Money Will Go Where Your Time Goes”

What’s Your Bigger Financial Motivation – Or Do You Even Have One?

All of us have at least one reason why we get up and go out (or work from home) to try to make a living.  For most of us, it’s survival:  paying for food, clothing, or shelter.  For a growing number of others, it also involves getting out of debt.  Unfortunately, for most of us, our financial motivation is Continue reading “What’s Your Bigger Financial Motivation – Or Do You Even Have One?”

The (Not So) Funny Thing About Financial Advice Blogs

When I started writing this blog a few years back, I did so mainly with the hope of attracting the person interested in getting a start in this exciting world of investing, the sort of person who isn’t maybe very interested in or successful with financial matters in general and investing in particular.  But what I’ve learned since is how the words “exciting” and “investing” aren’t words that most people would consider putting in the same sentence.

If anything, investing or any other sort of financial matter isn’t just boring to most people, but I think that Continue reading “The (Not So) Funny Thing About Financial Advice Blogs”

Why Do Only a Few Investors Succeed?

Investing – in stocks, mutual funds, ETF’s, etc. – is much like anything else.  Out of the many who try it, only a few end up really doing well with it.  But why?  Shouldn’t anybody who bought Apple or Amazon or Starbucks or MasterCard or PayPal or [insert name of ginormous, highly successful company] stock back in the day (or even the past five years) have done well with it?

The funny thing with stock investing in particular is Continue reading “Why Do Only a Few Investors Succeed?”

If You’re not Managing Your Money, Who is?

Even if you don’t know about the sport of ice hockey, odds are that you’ve heard of the great Number 4, Bobby Orr, who played most of his career for for the Boston Bruins of the National Hockey League (NHL). You can watch this video to learn a bit about him. He is arguably the best player to have ever played the game – even better than Gordie Howe or Wayne Gretzky – because he was the most complete player, the best two-way player the game has ever seen and will probably ever see, a master Continue reading “If You’re not Managing Your Money, Who is?”

Learning Financial Discipline Through … a Smartphone?!

Before you jump to the conclusion that I’m about to announce or promote some amazing new app that will set your financial house forever in order with the greatest of ease, allow me to clarify.

First, although this post contains financial lessons that can apply to any person, is it mainly for Continue reading “Learning Financial Discipline Through … a Smartphone?!”

So, How’s Working Hard Been Working for You?

During my many years in the workforce, I’ve come across all types of people, from the hopelessly lazy to the most industrious and every type in between.  But one thing that most people have in common, regardless of their ambition level, is the tendency to have no real goals or plans in mind when it comes to what to do with the money they earn.

What I find to be one of the saddest things Continue reading “So, How’s Working Hard Been Working for You?”

Stock Investing Strategies for 40-somethings

The very second post that I ever wrote for this blog just over four years ago was entitled Tips for the Investor Who Started Too Late.  Looking back on it, however, I realize that the tips I gave actually apply to a person of any age starting out in stock investing.

So I’m re-visiting this idea with two goals in mind:  first, targeting a more specific age group and second, walking you through how I’m thinking and making decisions as a late 40-something myself with not a whole lot of time left to my advantage. Continue reading “Stock Investing Strategies for 40-somethings”

Stock Starter Series, Part 5: Final Insights

Welcome to the final post of a 5-part series for the brand-new stock investor – or the person still thinking about it! My goal in this series has been to try to simplify how to get started in this most exciting financial journey and now I will provide some final insights. If you’re just jumping in at this post, you won’t get a whole lot out of this series unless you go back and start with the first post.

I realize that the first four posts in this series have perhaps been a bit of a marathon.  Trying to simplify how to get started in something as multi-faceted as stock investing doesn’t necessarily mean that things would be short and sweet!

Also, I didn’t want to make any of those posts longer than they were, so I’ve saved some final insights for this one. Continue reading “Stock Starter Series, Part 5: Final Insights”