The Best Investors Ignore the Market

Recently, I finally read one of the classic books on stock investing, “One Up on Wall Street” by Peter Lynch, the 2000 edition.  Among many of the intriguing insights, there was one factor mentioned that never seems to get much discussion because Continue reading “The Best Investors Ignore the Market”


Being A Canadian Investor in the U.S. Market

The great turn-around in my stock portfolio began almost two years ago after I subscribed to an investing advice service that featured mostly American stocks.  Having experienced my losing ways in Canadian-only stocks, I figured with this fresh start that I would jump into owning stock in American companies, or at least stocks listed on the American exchanges even if some companies were Canadian-based.  Not that Canadian stocks were bad, Continue reading “Being A Canadian Investor in the U.S. Market”

Invest In … Yourself?!

Since I started writing this blog, I’ve made an unofficial goal to publish a new post every week. However, this past couple of months has had me consumed with a flurry of activity not only related to the title of this post, namely investing in myself, but also the travel activity that summer has brought on.

In late May, I wrote a major exam that had tapped most of my spare time for nearly three months in preparation for, and the couple of weeks leading up to it were the most taxing.  It also serves as a context for what I want to share. Continue reading “Invest In … Yourself?!”